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Hi, welcome to my podcast channels. I am Robert Mitchell. I teach meditation and mindfulness in London, England. I am the Founder of Bromley Mindfulness and the Author of The Meditation Course, an online course consisting of regular live streamed meditation classes.

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4 days ago

Connection has my meanings for meditators. there is connection to  to the Present Moment, the body, the Mind, thoughts, emotions, others and many different sorts of focus, awareness and an awareness of our location in space-time.  In this class we explore the fundamentals of connection with questions and practices designed to answer them  pleased  to be back on Spotify. I was dropped due to my fully formats not being what they wanted.  Many more classes to come for you guys!  If you’d like to listen in subscribe at  Froma Class taught in Bromley on Thursday 11 August, 2022.

Saturday Jul 09, 2022

No skill is of any value if you don't have the Presence of Mind to use it. Our minds, the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we are told Our modern minds are filled with an interplay of narratives. The inner narrative (the story of our lives) combines with the stories of others, the contrived theatre of the news cycle, and the melodramas of celebrities. To escape, we don't need another foreign holiday; we need to learn to train our minds. Our culture is in denial of the existence of the mind The idea of training the mind is taboo. When did your teachers speak to you about training your mind? It's not on the curriculum. The mind is only part of the cultural narrative as something that becomes broken and needs to be fixed by experts with drugs! Resilience is how we cope with adversity. At the heart of resilience is mental focus. If our attention is constantly drawn to a disempowering narrative, we lose hope and optimism, and we compromise our natural inbuilt inner strength. I teach practices that will help you let go of disempowering and unhelpful narratives and return to Presence. What is Presence? Presence (sometimes called mindful awareness) is a natural state of mind. It is driven out of our experience in the modern world. Presence is the legacy of our ancestors' connection to nature and each other. An invasive media cycle plants new wants and needs in our distracted minds through viral newsfeeds, advertising, PR, product placement and influencers. This cycle of "news, information, and entertainment" distracts us from the present moment with empty promises of security, pleasure, comfort and happiness. "Being associated with happiness helps build stronger emotional connections between consumers' memory structures and the brand," - Steve Hastings, a marketing expert on Marketing Week Feb 2014. This is how they manipulate our minds. It's wrong because happiness is how we experience, not what we experience. Happiness is experiences we need less of over time to feel good. Consumer Culture sells us experiences we need more of over time to feel good.

Saturday Jul 09, 2022

In this class, taught in person in Bromley on Tuesday, the 5th of July 2020, I explained how using the foundational meditation technique of focusing on the breath works to build our resilience. We then practice following the breath and we also do two noting practices that are essential mental training to build resilience. I explain how the Following The Breath practice works to calm the mind. Meditations: Following The Breath Noting Thoughts Noting The Quality Of Thought Learn more by joining our mindfulness and Resilience training here:

Saturday Jul 02, 2022

The class on Saturday morning of 2 July was on Mindfulness, Interoception and Resilience.Interoception is the sense of the internal state of the body.Interoception is the process that helps us recognise physical sensations and emotional feelings.To learn more, search for interoception on Wikipedia for a clear and well-researched article.Mindfulness meditation slowly introduces us to this interoceptive sense of the internal state of the body and over time, our interoception grows.There is plenty of evidence that interoception is associated with high resilience and better mental and physical health outcomes.This particular mechanism to resilience from mindfulness, therefore, becomes easy to identify. In this podcast, I explain this and I teach the two main interoceptive techniques, following the breath and a body scan.In the talk:- An explanation of interoception.- How interoception is a way to be aware of and interpret our emotions.- How our culture interferes with our awareness of our internal state.- How mindfulness meditation reconnects us to our internal state.- The benefits of connecting to our internal state. Meditations are:1. Mindfulness meditation increases interoception.2. Increased interoception builds our resilience.  

Saturday Jun 25, 2022

Another class from the #Resilience series taught in Saturdays 25 June 2022. Whatever we believe, humans are not designed to live in an ever-changing world.Great changes bring great adversity which then becomes a test of our resilience. Predicting that there will be change is much easier than predicting what those changes will be, and which effects they will have. Rather than trying to guess what to prepare for, now is an opportunity to build universal skills to help us to cope with whatever arises. For the meditations in this class we go on a journey of opening our awareness and noticing the flow of Time and life that is always with us and which we have learned to ignore.  

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

Now is the time to learn resilience. "Don't wait until you are about to jump out of the plane to weave your parachute!" - Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Sunday Jun 19, 2022

In which Robert introduces the listeners to the present moment and the connection thereof through a portal. Robert also describes the process of being drawn into the narratives that saturate our lives in the modern world. Robert then teaches the practices that help us to become aware of the process of being drawn into these narratives.    

Saturday Jun 18, 2022

From a class taught on Sunday, the 29th of June 2022.   In this class, I investigate thought and I teach Eckhart Tolle's Inner Body Meditation from his book, The Power of Now.  

Sunday May 01, 2022

Witness Consciousness is where we move away from the incessant narratives of the mind and into a place of calm, still awareness. This is the process of becoming the Witness of our minds and our experience. In this class, taught in Bromley on Saturday 30 April, I explain the attributes of the Witness and some meditations that let you explore this state. join us for regular classes online at

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Understanding Stress is the first class in the 7 Steps to Resilience and Stress Management Series. This class was taught today in Bromley. I am running this series as a free one-week online event to support #stressawarenessmonth in the UK. I am running this series as part of Resilience Week 2022 from the 19th to the 26th of April -The hashtag is #ResilienceWeek2022.Feel free to share this podcast and hashtag on any social media! To support all my students and listeners, All my live streams will be public for the duration of this week and I will add any recordings as public podcasts. This sort of content is normally behind the paywall at at £12 per month. Resilience Week is here to bring awareness to the fact that resilience can be learned! By learning resilience and stress management skills, you can learn to manage your stress levels and become more resilient in the face of adversity. Additional classes will appear here: can subscribe for free to get notified of the rest of the series.

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