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Hi, welcome to my podcast channels. I am Robert Mitchell. I teach meditation and mindfulness in London, England. I am the Founder of Bromley Mindfulness and the Author of The Meditation Course, an online course consisting of regular live streamed meditation classes.

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Saturday Nov 20, 2021

In this class, taught in person in Bromley, I explain how Mindfulness Meditation differs from most popular meditation practices. I then teach some practices designed to help us sit when we are feeling emotionally uncomfortable. The training enables the practitioner to become familiar and comfortable with their emotional states. The classes are taught in-person and online in The Meditation Course at To learn more about me and the training I deliver, visit Bromley Mindfulness at  

Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

Our energy can be depleted in a number of ways. Physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual. Various meditations work to help us to recover. In this meditation-only episode, I teach three practices. One for recovering physical energy. One for recovering cognitive (mental) energy. And a general practice for releasing unhelpful or uncomfortable states.

Friday Oct 29, 2021

A class taught at The Mansion in Beckenham Place Park on 14 October 2021 What is Self-Care? What is Mindfulness? How does Mindfulness help us to care for ourselves to support us in helping others? In this class, I teach some very basic meditations from the perspective of supporting our self-care. Listen in to the meditation classes live-streamed on my Live Meditation Course here:   I upload more episodes at my premium podcast here:    

Friday Oct 22, 2021

From a class taught on Tuesday 12 October. How meditation can help us to become closer to the reality of our experience.  Here are references for the talk The Bhagavad Gita -   The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra   The First Law of Thermodynamics   The best and simplest explanation of Quantum Field Theory    

Friday Oct 15, 2021

A class from the meditation course at A short (five minute) talk on mindfulness and compassion and 25 minutes of gratitude meditation.  

Monday Sep 27, 2021

Healing from tge common trauma of modern life can most definitely be done through Meditation.  In this class i discuss this healing process then teach some Present Moment practices that are regenerative meditations.  Taken from a class on The Meditation Course at  Visit the website to subscribe to future Live steamed Meditation classes.  

Sunday Sep 05, 2021

This is a combination of the most frictionless ways to experience the passage of the present moment combined in a single meditation. Taught in the Sunday evening meditation class on 5 September 2021 of The Meditation Course at  

Sunday Aug 29, 2021

From a Sunday Evening class I taught on The Meditation Course website at August 29, 2021.  

Saturday Aug 07, 2021

The last 18 months has been extremely difficult for many of us in a variety of ways. It will be a long journey to recover and rebuild our resilience. There can be no better way than to begin that journey than with Compassion, and no better time to set out than now. In this class I explain how important compassion and self-compassion are to personal growth and recovery and teach compassion and gratitude meditations that enhance compassion in our minds and lives. Originally broadcast live at 10 am Saturday July 31 - London Time on Podbean and Instagram Live  

Monday Jul 26, 2021

Either you use technology, or its uses you. In this class, I cover some benefits of technology for meditators and show how our basic mindfulness meditation practices can help us to re-focus our attention away from the on helpful narrative that the media wants us to subscribe to. This training is from The Meditation Course. The Meditation Course is a live Stream training course with between three and five classes each week for the price of a weekly Starbucks coffee.  Here are some links referred to in the training. The Headgear Meditation timer app - run the timer and view the centre of the timer. The Overton window of acceptable discourse.  

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